Paisley Post!

With seeing other newborns recently, I was preparing myself for when we had Cosette - that she would seem so tiny compared to Paisley. What I didn't prepare myself for was that Paisley would seem so BIG. Paisley grew up overnight - it is insane! Just last week, she seemed like this cute little toddler running around. Now she is a kid - I can't believe how much she is talking, how much she comprehends, and how she just seems huge - rocking her just makes me laugh because I feel like she is bigger than I am. It is probably the thing that is hardest for me to handle right now - I gained another baby but feel like my other one grew up and I missed it. I know, I know, Paisley isn't even two yet, but I was not expecting this... the days are long and the nights are even longer - but they just go by so fast, way too fast.

Everyone kept asking me how I thought Paisley would handle the new baby - I wasn't worried and thought Paisley would adjust pretty easily. Ummmm... I was wrong. Five days into this and she is showing some signs of improvement but we definitely have had our moments. It did not help that Paisley caught a stomach bug the night I delivered making her still not at 100% feeling great. At least she wants to hold the baby now - it's cute watching her say "hi baby" as Cosette sits on her lap.

Her least favorite thing is when I nurse Paisley - so I had a brilliant idea to pump a bottle and let Paisley help feed baby sister. Paisley loved it while Cosette did not enjoy getting half of her lunch dribbled all over her face.

I love these two girlies and know that someday they will be "best of friends" - until then we will take "tolerant of one other."


Shayla said...

I 100% understand that feeling... Hunter was 15 months old when I had Hayden & I had a very hard time when I realized that he was no longer 'the' baby. I would rock him at night & cry, feeling like I made him be a big boy too soon. He really is great big brother now though & he and Hayden are best little buddies.
You're so smart to include Paisley in helping feed baby... and it is so sweet to see!
Good luck, you are a great mommy & everything will be perfect!

Durfee Family said...

Two little girls...ahhh! What can I say! I know I'm prejudice, but I think you are the luckiest Mom alive! They will be great friends and sometimes not so great! But you are such a wise mother that I know they will be friends more than the other!!(You make me miss my "little" girls!)

Stephanie said...

Cute post! I'm glad to hear that things went well with the delivery. Cosette sure is a doll! We found out we are having a boy! A whole new adventure, for sure! Take care!

Hardy Party!~ said...

Two girlies is so much fun! I love it and I know you do too! Paisley is going to be such a big helper and a wonderful big sister! I am glad things are going well for you and adjusting to having 2! I loved the picture of Paisley feeding Cosette, so super precious, it is little moments like that, that make it all worth it! Hey I was wondering did your mom make that little pink beanie that Cosette was wearing a few posts back, I know she made a really cute one for Paisley for the 4th! I would really like to makes some, or if your mom made it maybe I could get her some yarn and she could make a few for me, I don't know just a few questions that is all! Hey Stuart has had a couple of job interviews in Vancouver, Portland area crazy huh! Do you think you guys will ever end up there!? Wouldn't that be awesome! Our girls could play together all the time! Love you Cyndi, and I am really happy for you!!

Krista said...

Cyndi - you are such an awesome mom! I love how you share your thoughts and feelings with us. They will be best friends...along with their other siblings too!
PS: It just gets faster and faster watching time "grow" by

Jessica said...

Paisley is such a sweet little girl! That bottle idea was awesome! I'm keeping that in mind for whenever Tagg has a little one to adjust to!