On our own!

Blake's mom left this morning - so now we got a month break without help. Yikes, what am I going to do without the extra pair of hands. For the past two weeks - I have been able to slack on the housework, hand off baby to catch some ZZZzzz's, and send Paisley to "find Grandma." My sisters are going to be coming to town in a few weeks and then we have grandparents coming for the blessing after that so hopefully I don't go too insane before then. Thank you mom and mom-in-law... you'll never know how much I needed you here - THANKS!!!

This is Grandma Taylor - Paisley JO is named after her. We appreciated all the laundry-doing, cookie-making, and Cosette-snuggling that she helped us with!

This is Grandma Anderson - Cosette JEAN is named after her. We appreciated all the dinner-cooking, Paisley-entertaining, and nap-allowing for Cyndi that she helped us with!


erin said...

Moms are the best... especially after having babies. :) I was so scared when my mom left after I had Ella! Hang in there! How awesome that you have more help on the way in a couple of weeks!

The Thompson Family said...

You are an awesome Mother. I know you can do it and it helps to know that more family is coming. It is so great that you have such a supportive family. Love ya!