Monday Moms!

In spite of the seven thousand books of expert advice, the right way to discipline a child is still a mystery to most fathers and mothers. Only your grandmother and Ghengis Khan know how to do it. ~Billy Cosby

Paisley is getting closer to that wonderful age of two; therefore, she is learning a lot about how to be naughty. Which just really means that I am learning how to ignore how embarrassed I feel when she throws a fit in the middle of the aisle at Wal-mart. Teaching right from wrong takes a lot of work and most the time I am totally second-guessing myself on if I am doing it right. My only advice on the matter is that you have to be consistent - so if you said "No" when she wants to get out of the cart and walk, just make sure you are ready to repeat it 15 more times while she is kicking and screaming through the store.

P.S. Any advice on how to keep pants on this girl? Always a battle!


Durfee Family said...

She's probably hot!!! (good ole AZ winter!) You do such a good job as a mom! Welcome to the terrible two's! You can do it! (I'm rooting for you!)

jaci said...

my kids all loved to be pants and shirtless too-brooke is in kindergarten and we told her it's embarrassing other people to see her underwear, so she has to wear a swimsuit or leotard-and we even live in a freezing climate...like you said is it an important enough battle to fight for you,i decide if i have enough energy to fight some of the small stuff. can't wait to see you!