Baby face!

Cosette is one month old today! Here are a few things I have learned about her in the short time she has been around:

*She has the loudest cry ever. She is a little thing but when she starts a hollering it probably wakes the neighbors.
*She loves being held - especially at night when she is supposed to be sleeping in her own bed.
*So far she is a pretty content baby. She has about a two-hour, super-fussy time between 10 and midnight each night, but other than that she is pretty relaxed.
*She has a birthmark under her eye (as seen in the video). From what I have researched, it is called a "Strawberry Hemangioma." We will be keeping an eye on it because these types of birthmarks can grow really rapidly.
*She hates being in her carseat, taking the binky, being outside, swaddled, and laying on her belly - all the things that I used to do to soothe Paisley. So we are trying to learn what she likes.
*She's a sweetie! We love having another baby girl in our home!


Kim said...

oh she is so cute Cyndi! It sounds so silly to say but true nonetheless, they grow so fast!!

The Thompson Family said...

I can't believe it has been a month already. She is so cute. Love ya!

The Hardy Things in Life said...

She is so precious!! Yeah I think the second one goes by so much faster then the first, so cherish it!! I can't believe she is a month already! Isn't your family coming soon for the blessing, that is so exciting!! Hey I forgot to tell you my girls do have bigger heads then normal!! for the hats!! thanks so much, sure love looking at your blog of your adorable family!! Love you!