What is wrong with this picture?

You know you need to be getting some better sleep when you arrive at the store and realize your shoes don't match. What makes it even worse is the brown filp-flop has a platform and the black one is flat - how could I have not noticed sooner that I was walking like a gimp since they were not even. Yes - the "Frazzled Mommy" award goes to me today!


The Thompson Family said...

No maatter what shoes you have on, matching or not, those are some cute toes!

The Porter's said...

lol that is so funny...Here's one for you, when we went to be sealed i was like 2 months prego and forgot to wear a bra.. And since my wedding dress didnt fit i wore a skirt and button up black top oh yeah you could TOTALY tell. it was awesome.

The Van Fam said...

haha! that is pretty funny, especially since one was higher... does sound familiar though. i have had plenty of moments like that!