A dime a dozen...

I read an article awhile back that talked about how blogs, facebook, etc. are making people more egocentric. So to fulfill my need of self-centeredness, here are 12 little known facts about me...

1. I always wear a belt. The thing I HATE THE MOST about being pregnant is that I can't wear a belt... I feel naked without one.

2. I have always had an uncontrollable fear of an intruder coming into my house. When I was little I rigged my window up with a box of pennies so that if someone opened it all the pennies would spill and wake me up before the bad guy could get me. I still make make-shift alarms when Blake leaves me overnight.

3. My favorite sport is wrestling. Not the WWF junk that they call wrestling... but true-blue, collegiate-style wrestling. I was the wrestling manager all four years of high school and NO - that does NOT make me a loser. I love the competition. I love how crazy they get "cutting weight." I love how archaic it is. I love the singlets. I love the sweat, blood, and tears that go into it. I could go on and on, but I have learned most people will never understand this passion of mine.

4. As you can tell with my girls, I love unique names. It is a good thing "Resonable Blake" has a 50% say on the names or my kid would be named "Heavenly Hiraani TigerLily Taylor"

5. When I was little, I planned on writing a book about how to get comfy. I used to believe that I was the best at getting into the most comfortable positions before I went to sleep. I would lay there and come up with new ways to get comfy and outline VERY detailed descriptions of how to obtain it (i.e. extend left leg fully out and pull it back at 45 degree angle until foot is perpendicular to the headboard...) Ridiculous - I know, but I still believe I am the best at this!

6. When I was in college, I went on three different dates with three different guys in one day and I kissed two of them... Oops.

7. The meanest thing I ever did was in fourth grade when I covered a kid's chair with glue and it ruined his only pair of pants and I let the class bully take the blame instead of fessing up. It makes me sick when I think about this.

8. I am into old buildings. I would love to live in a house that is 100 years old with a turret and wood beams on the ceiling... but only if someone else already did the renovation.

9. I have no rhythm but LOVE to dance. My favorite thing to do at BYU was go to the dances and pretend like I knew what I was doing. I wish they still held church dances every month for adults - even if I was the only one dancing.

10. I am a super light sleeper - the light from the microwave or the sound of the ceiling fan spinning will keep me up.

11. I can't ride a bike. Well, I can go strait but I don't know how to turn and I am afraid of the brakes. If they made adult bikes with the brakes where you just pedal backwards I might be more inclined to try.

12. I have a crazy fear of things blowing up. If my car ran out of oil and I started it - boom! Computer getting too hot - boom! Running the garbage disposal without any water - boom! Leaving the X-mas tree lights on overnight - Boom! Lightning striking while the TV is on - boom! Storing gas in the garage in the summer - boom! Rock getting sucked into lawn mower - boom! You get the idea...

Oh - and I love Michael Flatley - Lord of the Dance. I really do... but this is just the first picture I found of me (without kids, without Blake, just me). I was a senior in high school and thought my hair looked cool crimped... I know I am less self-absorbed now than I was then and that was way before social-networking.


The Thompson Family said...

I loved you blog Cyndi. It reminded me of all the good times we had in college. I remember trying to be so quite getting out of my bed in the mourning so you wouldn't wake up but it never worked. You always caught me. I love ya and you were the best roomie ever! I am truly a better person for knowing you :-)

AndersonGR8 said...

OK Cyndi - this is your mom and dad and we can see that there are a few things that we need to discuss with you that we never knew - oh the wrestling thing - of course we knew that - but glue on a seat and all these years we thought you were perfect. Well, still close enough. Mom and i loved the update on the 12 little known facts.