Who's who?

I was uploading some pictures of Cosette to our computer and I was like "I have seen this photo somewhere before" then I remembered Paisley wearing this outfit so I opened up the pictures of Paisley and there it was. Neither one of these pictures is very good but just wanted you to get the gist that these two girlies look a LOT alike. They both have the chubby cheeks, tiny little mouths that are in a perma-frown state, and almond-shaped eyes... Oh how I love these faces - even if I can't tell them apart!

Paisley is on the left and Cosette is on the right!


Durfee Family said...

Are you serious...? I totally had them pegged as the opposite! On the left looked like Cosette - smaller! And on the right - totally looks like Paisley! They do look like twins! WOW! Twins 18 months apart! Who would of thought... :) Either way that are both darn cute and I just want to sit and hold Cosette! (I know Paisley wouldn't let me hold her!)

The Hardy Things in Life said...

Holy Cow! that is crazy how much they look a like! Just to cute! i love it! hope things are going well!

Melanie Nydegger said...

Oh please. Sometimes I think it might be easier having him gone. When they're home and super busy, it's almost MORE frustrating, because they SHOULD be able to help, but can't quite help enough. At least this past year, I haven't anticipated any help from anyone, and I haven't been disappointed once! :) And, I've got to say...Alan isn't the biggest baby person, so sometimes it's more stressful having him around when they are screaming and not sleeping. This has been a great year for him to be gone, in that sense! Hang in there. I am FINALLY starting to get a handle on life with two kids that close. And Paisley will adjust. Kambree went through phases of trying to hurt Cody, and then being totally fine. Now it's just the normal 1-year-old and 2-year-old fights they get into, but soon enough, he'll be able to fully fight back! :)