Mama - get you!

Our sprinklers broke (like two years ago - we're a little slow when it comes to home improvement) so I water the lawn with the hose. Paisley loves to help but I usually try to maintain control of the hose so she/me don't end up soaked. However, yesterday I stripped her down and just let her go for it. She LOVED it, especially at the end when she decided to "Mama - get you" and chased me around the yard trying to spray me. We were both laughing so hard as she would pull the hose (that weighs more than her) trying to get me but usually ending up spraying herself in the face due to lack of control. I love fun moments like this when I remember what it is like to be a kid!


McMemories said...

I just love those simple moments when life could not seem better!! She is such a doll!!

The Thompson Family said...

What a wondeful mother you are.