Papago Park!

With all the family in town (my sister Kara and her husband Larry, Grandma and Grandpa Taylor, and Grandma and Grandpa Anderson) we had a GREAT weekend. We ate a ton of good food, played lots of Settlers, and went hiking. This is the crew at Papago Park - it was a beautiful day, especially for the visitors who came from the rain and snow!

Paisley was pretty sleepy, but still enjoyed seeing the "hop-hops" (jack rabbits) and "bees" (bugs).

Cosette enjoyed her first hiking experience by sleeping the whole time.

Yeah for a fun family-filled weekend!


Kim said...

We have done that hike a lot! It's a good one for the kids. It was a beautiful day. Sounds like you had fun with your family in town. Cosette looks beautiful for her blessing day.

Rich Taylor said...

Great hat upgrade Blake!

Melanie Nydegger said...

You guys play Settlers? Now I really wish we lived closer to you guys, and that we had actually met you, Cyndi! We are huge Settlers fans. I assume you play with Seafarers and Cities & Knights? That's one of our favorite things to do together when kids are napping on the weekends (if we both pay attention and have our heads in the game, we are usually able to knock out a game playing to 20 points in about an hour, with just the two of us). Love it!