P + C

Paisley has been way into Cosette lately. I can't wait for Cosette to interact more with her because I know Paisley will love it!

This picture is a "do what I say, not as I do" picture. I came into the room and Paisley had her finger in Cosette's mouth and Cosette was loving to suck on it. Cosette is not a big fan of the Binky but will sometimes take my finger to suck on. I always tell Paisley to not put her fingers in her mouth, but I guess she just saw me do it one too many times. Of course by the time I got the camera she had pulled her finger out.

Cosette is not safe anywhere - Paisley always finds her and usually does this. I like the guilty look Paisley has when she decides to "kick baby."

Paisley decided Cosette was bored and needed to hear a story. I love that Paisley is book-crazy and hope she stays that way! P.S. Paisley looks HUGE in this picture!

Paisley tries to get Cosette to play with her all the time... She already loves when I am holding Cosette and baby's legs hit her - she says "Baby kick Paisley." Cosette has also started to smile and Paisley thinks that it is pretty cool. And whenever Cosette is crying in her carseat (which is whenever she is in it) Paisley says "Baby no cry" trying to comfort her - it is cute to see Paisley turning into such a proud Big Sister!


Shayla said...

So Sweet!! Thanks for feeding my baby hungry cravings. Ps. Paisley DOES look huge in that pict!
Miss you guys!!

The Hardy Things in Life said...

That is just so sweet! I love that Paisley has taken such an interest in her!! They are going to be special friends!!

Krista said...

Too cute. I can't believe how big she is getting, pretty soon she'll be as big as Paisley!
Have fun!

Rich Taylor said...

I hope you guys are still planning a trip to Boise in the spring. Jennette and I will be back May 1st.

busy bowman said...

Cyndi they are so sweet! The guilty looks are PRICELESS!! I love the pics and videos it makes me want to come and visit again!

Ben & Chantal Howell said...

They are too cute together! I thought Paisley looked rather large next to Cosette myself, but it must've been the angle. :)
We need to get together soon!

Melanie Nydegger said...

SO CUTE! So....it's been a while since I checked blogs. It looks like things are getting better since the last time I checked...
They are adorable! Just think...one year from now, life will be SO much easier! Trust me! It looks like they are already on their way to being best buds! So cute!!!!