Aunts are good at making...

...Bubbles a Blast!

...Sleeping more Snuggly!

...Ice cubes Incredible!

...Painting Possible!
(Yes - that is Cosette in the front pack - you do what you have to do!)

...Shopping way more Simple!

...Freezing water Fun!

...and Fridges Full!
(My sisters fell in love with the cheap produce and had to stock up to take some home!)

We are so grateful Christy and Jaci endured the 14 hour drive (each way) to come see us. It was so much fun for Paisley to get to know her aunts better and extra hands always help with my sanity levels. We bummed around and it is not hard to entertain two Idaho girls... They soaked up the sun (still got snow in Idaho), ate good food (thanks Mom :), and tried not to think too much about the choas back home (their husbands were in charge for a week). I think their favorite part was going to the Produce Market and owwwing and awwing at the cheap prices - I guess frugality runs in the family. Thanks guys for coming - Paisley, Cosette, and I want you back already!


The Hardy Things in Life said...

Oh that is way fun!! I wish I had sisters! And wish we had some of that wonderful sun! I think that is just great they were able to visit you for a whole week!! Love it!! Hope you adjusting well to the 2 little bundles of joy!! Love you!

Durfee Family said...

Your sisters are so cute! You all look alike! I used to love visiting my sister in Utah - now she lives here and we don't get to do as much together!

You've had a busy fun week! I'm glad!

busy bowman said...

All that fun without me! Glad you were able to have fun and enjoy your time together next time we will have to get our schedules together and have a real fun time with all the sister! Have a great day Cyndi! Love ya!

Krista Darrach said...

Wow you guys look alike! I miss you so much! It's not fair! We all need to get together.
Cosette is getting sooo big :-(
Glad you had a great time with your Sister. Wish I had Sisters!
Miss ya!