Food Diary!

Today Paisley ate:
-A banana
-1 and 1/2 pieces of french toast
-3 clementines
-32 goldfish
-Cheese quesidilla
-Half a pound of Strawberries
-Nutri-grain bar (well, the cheap-o knock-off version)
-A string cheese
-Cup of Rice
-Handful of animal crackers
-Small Box of Raisins
-3 Cups of Milk
-5 cups of Water

I swear she has a tapeworm or something. I can not get her full... And just like her mama:
A hungry Paisley = grumpy Paisley!


Durfee Family said...

But so nutritious! She's a growing girl! Wish I could eat so much a look so good!

busy bowman said...

Well When mom only eats enough for half a person someone has to eat the rest!