Low Maintenance.

So - I hate paying to get my hair done, or my nails done, or my eyebrows done, or whatever else it is that girls "get done." So without my mom or any daring roommates around, I had to take matters into my own hands... today I cut and colored my own hair. The parts I can see turned out alright - who knows what the back looks like!

So if you have never cut hair and always wanted to - I would totally let you the next time I need a chop - it's pretty fun! (As long as you don't charge me ;)

On a whole different note, Blake walked though the door at 2pm today with half of a Cold Stone cake. It was the best surprise ever - husband off early for the weekend and free ice cream... what more could this girl want!


Shayla said...

WOW sounds like the perfect start to a great weekend!

busy bowman said...

Cyndi you are as crazy as they come! But like the rest of us "Anderson's" our once a year hair cuts I'm proud of you! it looks great! Amazing Blake home early instead of late! Hope you and your family have a fun week end! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAISLEY!

Jana and Christopher said...

Wow Cyndi! You're brave to cut your own hair. I dare cut others, but never my own. Way to go Blake on making Cyndi's day.


Jessica said...

Nicely done! I would be VERY proud if I were you! I cut Tagg's hair, and yesterday I cut my dog's hair (for the same cheapo reasons, I might add :) and I just keep on staring at him cuz I'm so excited about it! I'd love to try cutting your hair next time you need it--what an adventure it would be! (No promises on the quality... but no fees, either! :)