Look who is TU-TU?!?

Happy 2nd Birthday Paisley!
Thanks for another year of laughs and loves - you always brighten my day!


Shayla said...

LOoOoOVE it... and her!
Happy Birthday Paisley!

Spencer and Jessica Drew said...

she looks so cute in that!!!

Durfee Family said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Paisley! I can't wait to see you in nursery tomorrow! The tutu is darling! (Did you make it Cyndi?)

erin said...

Happy Birthday Paisley! You are too cute. Hopefully we will get to see you this summer! :)
And, Cyndi, did you make her tutu? Cute!

Krista Darrach said...

She is Tu Tu Cute!!!
Where did the last 2 years go???
Watch out..before you know it she'll be graduating!

jaci said...

those are the cutest pictures-she couldn't be happier:)

Jessica said...

You are an awesome photographer, Cyndi! Can I get a lesson?! My favorite picture is the closeup :)