Checked out!

I have mentioned before that I am a "finisher"... well this is probably most evident when it comes to reading. If I start a book, I have to finish it - like that day! Seriously, it does not matter how lame the book is - if I picked it up I want to finish it. Most books I read in less than 48 hours, there have been a few that have stretched out longer but not many. I do love to read but because of having to finish it immediately and the repercussions it has (i.e. dirty home, lack of sleep, inattentive wife) I find myself avoiding it. Especially since lately I noticed that when Blake asks me "How's your book?" more often than not my response is something to the effect of "Cheesy", "Boring", or "Mmmmhhhh" - YET, my nose is still pressed between the pages. If I don't like the book - why the heck can I not put it down?

So when I find a good clean book it makes my life complete! So to all of you who read... read this!

It is written SO well that I could cry...


Durfee Family said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE - Shannon Hale books! You have to read the next two! It is a series you know! My favorite is Book of a Thousand Days. (This is not a part of the series!) And don't forget Princess Academy! We have them, if you want to borrow!

Krista Darrach said...

YEAH!!!! I'm not alone in my obsessive/compulsiveness when it comes to reading (and writing).
I too am like that...everything stops until I'm done.
BUT....I must admit that I am doing better. The last book I just read it wasn't as bad....because I'm forcing myself to put it down and take care of a few things.
I don't do moderation well. It's true.
I'll have to get that book. Although my list of books to read is much longer than my time. ugh! If only....

Andrea said...

I took your recommendation and read Goose Girl. I enjoyed it, thanks for posting it on your blog. It is hard to choose good books from the library on my own. I always stick to something someone has suggested, that way I don't have to start a book that lacks virtue.