Date Night...

Do you know how MUCH going to a movie cost these days? It is so ridiculous!

Blake and I are not so good at having date nights (this is hopefully going to change now that Blake is DONE with school) but we had a total bust of an attempt Saturday night. We (and by we, I mean me) got the babysitter lined up and then spent all day trying to figure out what to do... hiking - too hot, movie theater - too expensive, red box - nothing good, etc... We tried all day to justify going to the movies, first Blake would be OK with it and I was hesitant and than an hour later I would be OK with it and Blake would no longer want to... finally we decided we would just save a small fortune and rent a movie. We reserved our Redbox on-line and right when we are leaving to drop the girls off- we realize it has some questionable parts and decide we better not. So our reserved movie sat in the Redbox all night long. We were also going to go eat some free chicken at KFC but KFC was completly sold-out of food. By now I am hungry (which = grumpy) and in no mood for a date. Blake was trying real hard to cheer me up so we splurge for some In-and-Out, yes In-and-Out is a splurge for us... the only time we eat out is if we have a gift card. So after some good food, we head to Wal-mart to get some groceries and end up buying a movie (which is a third of the price of going to the movies). So we get the girls and watch our movie with Paisley crawling all over us and Cosette nursing half the time.

What a HOT date - huh?

Here we are back in the day looking all awkward on a date (I was trying all night to get Blake to hold my hand, notice the arms right next to each other - but he is the KING of self-control and wouldn't give in... just yet) - haha, glad those days are over!


Krista Darrach said...

Isn't marriage fun?
It's interesting how we manage, with our mood swings and worries and hang ups.
Best thing I've done is NOT expect too much, try to remember why I want to spend the evening with him and enjoy it.
Really that didn't translate well. I love my husband, but life gets crazy when you have bunches of kids and not enough time or money to enjoy it all.
The seasons pass....the kids grow up, and the money comes and goes. But hopefully the love remains.

Shayla said...

Our favorite date night is always going to the temple, even if we can't do a full session, we either walk around, do sealings or afternoon baptisms. No other date could make us feel so good afterward.
Otherwise we go out for dessert to keep the cost low & time short. I hope you guys get a really great date soon!

The Van Fam said...

At least you were together, alone. At least for part of the night! I think that is all that matters on a date is that you get some alone time! We do a babysitting swap with some people in our ward and last friday we spend a lot of our "date night" at walmart. lame. i guess that what happens when you get married haha. and i love that picture. so funny. how long did it take for him to hold your hand? =)