Sunday Moms!

Where mother is - our home is.
A home that our feet may leave,
but never our hearts.

Oh - Happy Mother's Day to all you moms! Especially these two special ladies...

Today I am trying hard not to be bitter and jealous that I don't get to show any love to my mom or mom-in-law in person. I find it a real bummer that by the time you truly understand how awesome your mom is - you have to move out of the house and be on your own. I wish I would have cherished the time that I was living under the same roof as my mom more. I wish I could see her everyday now and we could go bumming at the D.I. until I get all grumpy and quiet from too much shopping. I wish my girls could have their Grandmas around to smother them with kisses and give them too much candy. I wish that somehow I will be able to express how much I appreciate my own mother and Blake's mom and my sisters who make moms #3,#4, and #5, and my sister-in-laws who are also GREAT moms, and Diana Durfee for being my girl's honorary grand-mom here in AZ. Oh - I am so blessed to have many awesome moms in my life!!!

Today was also the first day that I got a fun homemade gift from Paisley. They did handprints with a poem in nursery - what made it even more special was that I just so happened to be walking by when Paisley was doing hers. She was screaming bloody murder as one nursery leader was holding her down as the other was dipping her hands in the paint and forcing her clenched fists to the paper to make a handprint. That is so my daughter - so cautious of the dirty, squishy paint!


Krista Darrach said...

Ahhh Cyndi...I don't get to hug my mom today either. Wish I could just pop over to her house and spend the day with her.

Paisley was a doll, I tried to coerce her for an hour. Hopefully she isn't tramatized by me picking her up and forcing her to put the yukky paint on her hand. I think it's hillarious that you were watching through the window as we laughed and hurried to end the trauma. Luckily she recovered quickly. Now we'll just have to see if she holds it against me. Hopefully not.
:-) Love her...she's a cutie!

Shayla said...

Happy Mother's Day Cyndi! You are a wonderful mother, one of the best I know ♥

Durfee Family said...

That made me cry - and that was before I saw my name! Cyndi I just love you and your girls! Thanks for being my friend! It means the world to me.

You are the very best of Moms! I know it is because you've had such a great one! Love you!

The Hardy Things in Life said...

I love the post!! Thanks so much!!