Playing favorites

Too many Paisley posts - got to be fair to my second born... although Paisley still did find a way to weasel her way into the video.


Durfee Family said...

I just love your kids! I never get tired of hearing about them or seeing them! They are so fun!

BTW-Thanks for the corn!

Krista Darrach said...

Too Cute! I know you're having a ton of fun with those two.
Who needs sleep?

jaci said...

is cosette actually sitting in her carseat smiling-woohoo:)

busy bowman said...

Oh if we always tied to make our time equal between children we would always feel guilty! I know I try to many times! There will be a time when Cosette is a cute busy toddler and paisley will be to busy playing or at school and she will get her spotlight! They are both adorable and I love that YOU update your blog with videos and pictures!