Sing it...

Another beautiful rendition of the "Happy Birthday" song -


which reminds me of a funny story...

Andersons (my maiden name) have not, nor never will be known for our singing capability. Our B-day songs were more of a combination of yelling the words and laughing than actual singing. I was under the misconception that this was how the birthday song was SUPPOSED to be sung. The first Sunday that I was in opening exercises with the young women it was one of the girl's b-days. As the birthday song started - me yelling it at the tops of my lungs while the rest of the girls broke out into this beautiful melodic (is that the right word?) version - I realized "Oh - some people actually do 'sing' this song to make it sound pretty." I almost cried it sounded so good... thanks to the fact that I stopped singing halfway through as to not ruin it.

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Durfee Family said...

That is so funny! My family sings it - as I call it "aweful" too. Half the time I don't even sing along, because they are all trying to out do each other in it's awefulness. The sad thing is that they are totally capable of singing it nice! Oh well! Family traditions!

I hope Paisley had a fun bday! I totally missed her on Sunday! (And I still miss you too!)