Lost and Found

I am going to write a book about finding things you lose. It is only going to contain one chapter and it will be entitled "Look where you think they would be... 5 times."

I lost my keys today - gone from 8am to 8pm - it pushed me to the verge of insanity because I knew they were somewhere between the car and the kitchen and that there is not too many spots to hide between these two points. I hate, hate, HATE losing things - I am an organized person so that I won't lose things! I hate the sick feeling in my gut when I lose things! I hate that I can't stop thinking about it and it grates on me and I turn into a mean mom and impatient wife.

Needless to say, I found them... in my diaper bag - of course. I looked through it twice and completely dumped and shook it out upside down. I kept thinking they have to be in there - but they weren't! Well, tonight I went to an enrichment thing (thanks to Blake's keys) and as I was standing there to go, I thought - look by the changing pad. I reached in, felt the changing pad and sure enough there they were all safe and sound tucked into the thing. I swear I had checked it twice before. So I come home - much happier than I had been all day and told Blake the good news. The cool part was that when I got home, Blake said "I seriously prayed 5 minutes ago that you would find them." The not-cool part was that I had prayed at 11am to find them - obvisouly you see who has more faith in this family :) I guess Heavenly Father really wanted me to appreciate my car and the ability for me to go wherever I want whenever I want - trust me... I do!


AndersonGR8 said...

There is a reason that your mom keeps 3 extra sets of keys around the house...
Ask Paisley to look next time.

busy bowman said...

I know how you feel! It's always those how did they end up there places! I am glad that you found them. and that peace can resume in your happy home again! I love you Cyndi and I have to sa I'm happy to hear that even the organized people lose things!