To Dad! (and mom too!)

I am late on your Father's Day gift - sorry... it was a crazy past week... But here it is! I told you that from now on all gifts from me will be my efforts in transferring your VHS to DVD... so here is the first little movie I made for you. It even got an upgrade with some music - since 8mm have no sound. It really makes my heart happy to see the footage of you and mom starting your life together - so much good has come from this day (especially the birth of your youngest child - right?) Thanks for being a great husband to mom, father to me, and example to all. I hope you enjoy the memories. I love you!

P.S.The new and somewhat-improved version!


AndersonGR8 said...

Wow. So remind me again who it was i just watched. Too crazy to think that was almost 40 years ago - and they haven't aged a bit. Just one of those great red letter days in a life filled with them. Thank you for taking us back in time so easily - wish there would have been more footage available. And who was behind that camera anyway?

The Hardy Things in Life said...

Oh my heck, that was a great video!! They really haven't changed a bit! I love it, they are so cute!! I am so excited you will be here in a couple of weeks. The girls will have a good time hanging out!! See ya soon!

busy bowman said...

All because two people fell in love we have 8 children and 23 plus 2 more grandchildren. we have enough to play both sides of a baseball game and four teams of basketball players we can empty a restaurant, hotel, public park, just with our presence and we can disturb the peace with the best of them. We also annoy anyone in our way! Even the family members. My favorite pray was from our great brother David when he said, "Thanks that we could all get together and Thanks that we all live apart!" We truly are so unique to be such a close family and mom and dad have done a great job and helping us learn to love and tolerate each other. THANK YOU Cyndi for the video and also Mom and Dad for EVERYTHING!