Blake's Grandpa Nay passed away last week, so we made a very last minute trip to Utah... Left Monday at 5pm arriving at 5am, stayed Tuesday, left Wednesday at 5pm arriving home just in time to see the sun coming up over Superstition... if I hadn't thrown my contacts out the window at mile 500 (don't worry Blake was driving), it probably would have been a pretty sight - But not nearly as pretty as my bed. Good thing Blake had the following day off so he could help with the girls since both of us were in only a semi-coherent state.

Even though the cirumstances were not the best - it was still nice to see family. Paisley enjoyed the Grandparents, Uncle Jake, and some cousin fun. We also enjoyed attending the funeral of Grandpa Nay - it was a nice celebration of his joke/story/song-filled life.

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