Birthday Freebies!

Do you have a birthday? Do you like free food? I don't know anyone who doesn't! Well, you really should sign up for all these b-day clubs... Blake and I seriously eat out more in the two weeks around our b-days than we do all year because it is FREEEEEEEEEEEE!

Baskin Robbins - get a free scoop
Black Angus Steakhouse - get a free steak dinner
Cold Stone Creamery - get a free like-it creation
Del Taco - get a free shake
Fuddruckers - get a free shake
Genghis Grill - get a free bowl (these are big enough to share :)
Lonestar - get a free steak dinner (the e-club is located at the bottom of the homepage)
Red Robin - get a free burger with all you can eat fries
(Blake and I usually split the burger and fill up on fries - they will also bring you a birthday sundae too. We end up only paying the tip. Cheapskates - yes. Worth it - Oh yeah!!!)
Rubios - get a free entree platter
Ruby Tuesday - get a free burger with all you can eat fries
Tropical Smoothie Cafe - get a free smoothie

They usually give you a two week time frame to use these. They also send you random stuff every now and then - like free shakes on holidays or buy1get1 deals. I love it!!! If you know of any more b-day freebies, please let me know!


The Hardy Things in Life said...

You guys are awesome! I just love free stuff!! Thanks for all the fun places!!

Melanie Nydegger said...

THANKS for the tips!!!!!

busy bowman said...

If only I would of read this when it came out! You find the best information ever!!! Can't wait till Larry's birthday to try it out!