Monday Moms!

Today you and your kids should:

*Go on a bike ride
*Make homemade ice cream
*Find a good climbing tree
*Jump on a trampoline with a sprinkler underneath
*Make homemade play-doh
*Have a treasure hunt
*Weed the garden or pick berries
*Make a bird-feeder
*Build a house of cards, Legos, Lincoln-logs, whatever
*Go tour where "Daddy" works
*Visit a pet store
*Jump rope
*Take someone flowers
*Wash the car
*Make a robot, spaceship, castle, etc. out of boxes
*Finger paint with pudding
*Have a water balloon fight
*Make sock puppets with all the mis-matchies
*Play in a bucket full of rice
*Walk to the school and play at the playground
*Play hide-and-seek
*Have a hula-hoop contest
*Look for falling stars
*Read books outside
*Play a game of baseball
*Have a picnic
*Play with cornstarch and water
*Make a pinata
*Build a fort
*Sleep in a tent
*Find a stream and build a dam
*Explore the forest
*Make paper airplanes

These are a few favorite activities from my childhood along with some things that Paisley and I enjoying doing! Today as I sit in my Air Conditioned house with Dora and Boots singing about their recent adventure - I just feel sorry for kids today. I want my kids to have the childhood that I had - full of freedom to play outside whenever, wherever! I want them to know how to dig holes, collect rocks, and chase butterflies. I want them to feel all old and grown-up the first time they walk to the corner-store to buy candy with their big brothers. I want them to know how to use their imagination to escape "lava-monsters" and how to turn couch-cushions into castles.

I read an article that confirmed that children now spend more time in front of the T.V. than they do outside... I find that sad - even in stinking 110 degree Arizona I vow to find a way to get my girls outside (It might have to be at 8am and I guarantee it will involve water but we will do it). So I am off to check at least one of these activities off the list - so Paisley will know that there is more to life than "Swipper - no swiping."


The Hardy Things in Life said...

Love the post, isn't it true!! It is really HOT here, i think it was over 100 today! Crazy, here in Vancouver!! Gotta love it!! Hope you stay cool!!

Shayla said...

I totally just started tearing up.
My poor boys have been stuck watching movies or playing in one room for 2 whole days as we finish packing! I so wish I could have done just one of those things with them today...

Durfee Family said...

Yep - the Mother of the Year award will soon be yours! :) You are amazing!

AndersonGR8 said...

And to thing that all of those things are fun for adults as well. Well at least for this one...

Great memories!

Kim said...

yes, very insightful! You inspired me to do water in the back yard today!! We are all thanking you today!

busy bowman said...

I love all these ideas and they bring back aso many memories! Thank you for putting simplicity back in my life!