There is a little piece of Hawaii right here in Arizona. It is called Fossil Springs and the place is unbeatable during the heat of the summer!

The Walkers invited us to tag-a-long with some of their family on a camping trip and we are glad we took them up on it! We went to a different part of the creek than we normally do and are excited to know of a new swimming hole.

Paisley and Logan played together great - they enjoyed sharing Logan's camp-chair, throwing sticks in the water, and killing the bees (ants).

This was Cosette's first camping trip and she was a trooper. She slept better than she does at home so I am considering setting up the tent and throwing her in it tonight :)

Paisley was a good little hiker like always. This girl is just meant to be out and about - she loves it!

Whenever I take a picture wearing my front-pack, I always feel like I am pregnant all over again - for some reason I can't help but pose holding "my belly."

Fossil Springs always gives me my "green" fix - it is so lush... I could just park it under the trees and read a book there all day!


Shayla said...

WOW beautiful! I want to go there!! Looks like you had a great time!

The Hardy Things in Life said...

WOW what a beautiful place!! Looks like so much fun!! Love all the pictures of the girls and you with the pack!!

erin said...

What a fun place! It was great hanging out with you! I'm glad we finally figured something out! Haha. Hopefully it isn't too long before we can play again!

Sulane said...

Ahhh!!! Fossil Springs.....run!!!! :)

Melanie Nydegger said...

How fun! I can't believe she sleeps BETTER camping! LUCKY!!!!
:) Isn't camping fun with kids???