Tempe Town Lake

In a perfect world - every park in Arizona would be a "splash park." Met up with two of my freshmen BYU roomies for a fun playdate at Tempe Beach Park - my favorite park in AZ!

Paisley loves playing in the water - when it is on her own terms. She prefers splash parks over swimming pools.

From left to right: Luke - way too cool for pictures, Paisley - loving on the "cute baby" (what she kept calling her), Ella - "Ummm... please stop touching me", and Taggert admiring some treasure he found.

We changed our plans like 5 times - but glad we could eventually end up hanging out! Hope to see you girls and your cute kiddos again... soon!

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KaraLee Anderson said...

Oh man, I wish I could have been there! It would be so much fun to get our kids all together!