Happy Birthday Daddy- O!

I got the next installment of the home videos done just in time for your Birthday - YAY! Sorry that it is slow going with these videos (you can blame it on my two distractions AKA your grand-girls). But we will eventually have them done... I hope! This is the highlight reel - it was twice as long but the file was too big so you will have to see the other footage at Thanksgiving... we will have some good entertainment for the BIG family get-together!

Lots of love and birthday wishes headed your way today!

Disclaimer: The captions are messed up and the quality is poor on this itty-bitty screen - but you get the idea.


AndersonGR8 said...

Well - that had to be the best Birthday greeting ever! Made me tired just watching it. What a group - those perfect little kids. You have to miss that yard and circular drive.

jaci said...

i love it cyndi-thank you, you made my day! i just missed seeing you...i bet you were in heaven thinking do i really want to go to a family that makes that much noise:) we're glad you did-can't wait to see more at thanksgiving!

busy bowman said...

Cyndi that is great capturing the reality of the Anderson family!!!! Thank you for sharing! I did notice that mom always complains about the wrestling but did you hear her tell us to have a wrestling match! Great video of the Awesome Andersons!