Monday Moms!

" A first child lives in an adult world, but a second child lives in a child's world."
Harvey Karp

I have always felt a little guilt that no matter how hard I try - Cosette just won't have the same 100% of me that Paisley was able to enjoy for the first 20 months of her life. Now my time, energy, and stamina has to be shared between two little kiddos. Well, I was reading a book and came across across this passage that has put all my fretting aside. The author, Dr. Karp, talked about how even though your oldest child will have received more attention from you - what the second one doesn't get from you he will receive five times over from the older sibling. As he says "No one will make your baby laugh or learn as much as their superhero big brother or sister!" And it is so true - Paisley is a way more fun than boring ol' mom.

Besides mom would never teach you how to use an entire Jumbo-sized tube of diaper rash cream as body lotion...


Durfee Family said...

I love your quotes! They are so true. You are so ahead of me as a Mom! It took me so much longer to figure any of this stuff out! But one thing for sure, I've always loved being a mom! Thanks for being such a good one! And for being such an example to me.

ALSO - thanks for your comment on my blog. It warmed my heart! I still miss those girls SO Much! <3 <3

The Hardy Things in Life said...

What a great quote! I just love it!!

busy bowman said...

Just wait till she figures out the shaving cream! She is so sweet and adorable I am glad you try to enjoy these moments as they don't last forever!