Another ALL-NIGHTER drive - Another FUN trip! Here is what we did...

Lots and Lots of playing outside!

Paisley is lucky enough that both her Grandma's have "Big Babies!" Here she is napping with all her friends.

Stayed at a cabin in Cascade - it was absolutely beautiful! Hiked to a "lake" that we never found.

Played on the beach front at Lake Cascade.

Cosette got to meet her Uncles and Aunt Jennette.

Floated the Boise River and hung out on the Greenbelt.

Just stared at the glorious, lush green grass - they don't make it like this in AZ.

Already missing the family, the cool weather, the games of Settlers, the food, the trees, and just being together!


The Hardy Things in Life said...

What fun! I ran into your dad the other night at Safeway and he said you guys were in Boise!! You guys were sure busy, don't you just love it! I love all the fun pictures!! I am way excited you are going to be in town again! So when are you going to be here exactly!?

Shayla said...

Looks like a GREAT visit!! I sure am missing that beautiful green grass.
{Let's get together soon!}

Durfee Family said...

Looks like so much fun! I know Idaho has beautiful green grass! Ours is just green in the winter! :)