Seven Month Snip-its!

Cosette has hated any and all food since we started trying to get her to eat two months ago. This week she finally decided rice cereal was not going to kill her and will now eat it but still has to give her signature "this is disgusting" face. Here is her first introduction to french fries - not so sure about those either.

I did not think anyone could beat Paisley's horrible sleeping habits - but we might have a winner. Paisley at least took two decent naps a day - Cosette only catnaps all day long with no regularity to them. This was her sleeping position of choice the other day... silly girl!

Cosette loves Paisley - thinks she is the coolest thing since disposable diapers! She is way patient as Paisley lifts, rolls, pulls, hugs, mauls, and plays with her. A very frequent phrase around here is "Be soft." Paisley can get Cosette laughing like no one else - oh, that is another thing... I HAVE to get Cosette's laugh on video. She makes this "Arrrrggghhhh" sound with the back of her throat that is super load and makes me smile every time (sounds kinda like a seal).

She is army-crawling fairly good, has no interest in sitting up (she rarely bends her knees), and loves to mouth EVERYTHING! So there you have it - Cosette in a nutshell!


The Hardy Things in Life said...

That is so fun! I would love to hear Cosette laugh! Isn't it fun having girls and seeing them get along great with one another! Love the picture with her sleeping holding her foot, guess it was comfortable.

Stephanie said...

Cute post about your girls! I can't believe how big Cosette is! Love the pic of Paisley pushing her in the stoller like her little doll!!! So sweet!

busy bowman said...

What about the fact that she is adorable and cute and that no matter how often she wakes you up you still think she is the sweetest little thing. maybe not at that moment but the first time she smiles at you!