Baby Legs

Cosette is on my favorite kid list right now... even though she is ultra clingy, cries if I am not holding her, and is impossible to feed solids too - all of these offenses can be forgiven since she now is SLEEPING!!! She sleeps from 8pm to 8am usually waking for a snack around 4am - this is much improved from her tri-wake cycle she was on a few weeks ago. She also has started napping the same time as Paisley and sleeping for a good two hours - which is nothing short of a miracle. Nothing helps this mom more than a few solid hours of sleep - Ahhhhh!

When we were doing our pictures I wanted to have Cosette standing because this is her favorite position. She is a super weeble-wooble but still loves to hold your fingers as she tests her balance and tries to unfold her legs (she always crosses her ankles).

I love her little legs.


The Hardy Things in Life said...

Hooray!! Hopefully now you can get some more sleep!! And I bet it is nice they are both taking naps at the same time!! Love it!!

Durfee Family said...

Oh, she is growing up SO fast! What a cutie! Yay for sleep!

The Thompson Family said...

Yeah I am so happy for you! I hope she keeps the sleepin up :-) You guys can come visit whenever you want. It looks like you had a lot of fun in Washington. We miss and love you!