Monday Moms!

I was going to only put this image up and let it do the talking, but as I stared at it I knew I needed to say something. Yesterday, my oldest sister Christy gave birth to her sixth child. In this print I see my sister and all the good that is in her. She is an exemplary mother - one who has spent her life giving countless acts of service. She knows how to work hard and play hard - her life is always lived to it's fullest. She is joyous, spiritual, and nurturing - just one of those beautiful souls that you feel privileged to know.


Durfee Family said...

That was so sweet! What a neat sister - you and her! I love that picture! When I first saw it all I thought was - "WOW! That is beautiful!"

The Hardy Things in Life said...

Super sweet!! Hope everything is going well for Christy and the little one!! I love the picture, it just melts my heart!