It's one AM...

...so feel free to disregard this post. Just bored, tired, and in the need to blog.

Do you have things that bug you way more then they should? Like when you think about it - you think "Ughhh.. it is not that big of deal but at the same time it kind of makes me want to gouge my eyes out." Well - I have lots of these, wanna know a few?

*'Artistic' yet very much naked pictures when pregnant

*CFLs - as in the light bulbs that are going to save our planet


*Skinny jeans - especially brightly-colored skinny jeans

*Peoples hatred of Wal-mart


*The kids menu at sit-down restaurants: $5.50 for a hot dog?!?

*The Disney Princess Movement

*Organic Mac and Cheese

*Twilight - not so much the book just all the mania that goes along with it

*Political-post on Facebook

*Cookie plates with multiple types of cookies on them

Now it is two AM - tell me to go to bed!


Blake and Laura said...

Hey if you're looking for something to do until Blake gets home today you're welcome to come hang out with us. There's a canned food drive breakfast (free with a donation of cans) at the fire station on Horne just North of McKellips. I think they're letting the kids see the fire trucks and everything too. Then I was thinking of going to Goodwill for the 1/2 off day to get Logan some new pants. Call me if you want to come! 602-820-8515

Durfee Family said...

YOU are so funny! I have to agree with most of these things! Although - I adore cookies of ALL kinds on a plate and I love the disney princesses! tee hee! But most of the rest is pretty annoying I must agree!

Maybe Blake should go on Scout Outings more often! ;)

Zoe Brimhall said...

Hmmm, a lot of the things on your list are things I like (I happen to own orange skinny jeans :) ). I agree that Twilight is annoying. But I like that our lists are different, because if everyone was the same the world would be sooo boring. I miss you!

The Thompson Family said...

Go to bed Cyndi :-). I totally agree with that Disney Princess thing. I just hope my kids are't into that. I do however like plates with multiple cookies :-) Love you!

The Van Fam said...

haha love this post and can honestly say i agree with all of them!