Ode to the road...

Successfully made it to and from Idaho for a wonderful double Thanksgiving!

First stop was the Taylors in Boise. I had my first paint-balling experience (sorry no pictures - I should just take one of the nasty bruise on my leg), the girls loved spending time with their grandparents especially with the added bonus of Grandma Nay being there, and we enjoyed a pre-Thanksgiving feast.

We then headed to Idaho Falls, where 34 of us crazy Anderson's where all cooped up in the same house - luckily it was a BIG house.

There we played in the snow.

Went swimming.

Fell in love with Aunt Christy all over again - especially since she let Paisley hold Baby Tyden a ton!

Had a Thanksgiving morning Turkey Trot!

Ate way too much sugar...

Smashed open a pinata - which had to be re-taped shut after the cousins had earlier found it and cracked into it to get the candy out.

Met our new niece and nephew.

Had a surprise visit from Sunny and Cher at the Family Talent show (really wishing I got a better picture)!

And just made a whole lot of noise with all the cousins!

We also headed to Provo where the girls wasted time while Blake went to the BYU V. Utah game with the boys (Go Cougars - WOO HOO!)!

There is so much more to say but we will just sum it up with we didn't get much sleep, did a ton of driving, girls both came home sick, and the laundry resembles Mount Doom - but it was 100% WORTH IT!!!

But I do have to include this story - on the way home a deer totally rammed our car. It ran strait at us, lowered it's head, and bam... luckily Blake didn't brake and it just clipped the back of our car with one of its horns. I had just fallen asleep and I woke up to a big thump, followed by Blake laughing as he said "a deer just hit us." I had no idea why he was laughing until he told me how it happened. It didn't do much damage to us but we are pretty sure there is deer wondering around between Panguitch and Kanab with some serious whiplash.

Also honorable mention to Blake who waited in the 19 degree weather on the sidewalk of Best Buy from 10pm to 5am to score us a new laptop - Black Friday is way more hardcore in places where it is actually cold in November!


erin said...

Looks like fun! I love big family get togethers. Your kids and their cousins look so much alike! Your family definitely has some strong cute blondie genes! =)

The Hardy Things in Life said...

What a fun weekend and lots of traveling! Oh man we were totally in IF too!! We spent most of the time in Burley!! Crazy we were so close to each other! But sounds like you had a tons of fun with the family!! Love all the fun pictures!! The girls are so cute!!

busy bowman said...

You make it look crazy! Oh wait it was! Glad to be a part of the busy holiday with you guys it was great fun! I can't wait to see you again!

AndersonGR8 said...

Family fun is always the best kind. This will be a great memory. Thanks for getting the fun run going - next year we do it in the summer and really make them earn the t-shirt.
Erin - Those good genes come from their grandfather ; D

The Thompson Family said...

Wow what an adventure you had. It looks like you guys had so much fun. I bet it was so much fun for Paisley and Cossette to see their cousins. Good luck with all of the laundry. Love you guys!

Melanie Nydegger said...

Wow - you have a HUGE family! That's so fun! That is hilariuos about the deer. Glad you're okay! And Black Friday....ugh. I have never camped out, but I did get up at 3:15am this year....