According to Paisley we are going to Hi-dee-ho - AKA Idaho!
Thanksgiving with the families - YEAH!
Twenty-plus hours in the car each way - BOO!
Gotta go finish packing but click on the collage to see some more fun family photos.
We call these "choose your own adventure" photos since none of us are looking in the same place twice!


Blake and Laura said...

Those are so cute! Have fun in Hi-dee-ho! BTW, that book was awesome! Thanks for letting me borrow it!

The Hardy Things in Life said...

LOVE IT!! What fun pictures, they are so cute!! What fun in Hi-dee-ho!! I am sure you will! Happy Thanksgiving!!

busy bowman said...

I love the pictures! They are amazing though sorry I must day you look like a very young mom! Adorable!!! Your family is amazing!