The Boxcar Children

Week 1 after finding out we are moving in 4 weeks equated to me packing over 50 boxes of junk. I call it junk because we made a rating system of #4 = get rid of it, #3 = storage for the couple of months we are staying at Blake's parents, #2 = if there is room keep it with us, and #1 = we need it around. All 50 of the boxes I packed were #3 which just blows my mind that we have so much stuff we could live without yet can't seem to part with. I also threw a TON of stuff away and have taken two trips to the Goodwill already.

The girls didn't enjoy being home way more than we normally are but they made good use of the boxes for entertainment.

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Durfee Family said...

Love the box train! Bring the kids over after Christmas so you can do some packing w/out kids!! We'd love to have them! :)