Merry Christmas from The Taylors!

Here is our Christmas letter that we sent out this year!

No time to write a fancy Christmas letter this year so we are just passing along our grocery list so you get an idea of what we are up to:

*Diapers (Twice as many as last year since we got twice the kiddos)

*Sparkling Cider (To celebrates Blake’s MBA Graduation)

*Ice Cream (Just because we are The Taylors!)

*Hot Dogs (For all the scout campouts Blake goes on)

*Snacks (To keep us alert on long drives to Idaho to visit family)

*Tylenol (For Blake after running his 6th and HARDEST marathon)

*Baby food (That is just sitting in the pantry, Cosette hates it)

*Jumbo sized Sunscreen (For the hot AZ hikes, swims, and park days)

*Laundry detergent (Paisley +food or crafts or dirt =Laundry)

*Candy (To bribe Cyndi’s Young Women to do Personal Progress)

*Milk (Paisley could drink a gallon a day if allowed)

We feel blessed to call you friends and up this finds you well.

Love The Taylors

Blake, Cyndi, Paisley (2) and Cosette (almost 1)


Shayla said...

I LOVED your Christmas letter when we got {and our boys LOVED the cuties to eat!} it is so cute and creative! You guys are awesome and we will miss you!!

Jessica said...

I so enjoy your Christmas letters! When I got the envelope out of the mailbox, I said to myself, "I can't wait to see what creative thing Cyndi wrote this year!" I still remember your numbers one! :)