Check out this face that Paisley drew - she is getting so big. She mastered drawing circles last month and now she adds eyes and a mouth. This is the first one that really looks like a face - I am glad I took a picture when I did because that next thing she did was scribble all over it. She gets embarrassed when I comment on what she draws and tries to "hide" it.

Another fun Paisley fact is that she has a phobia of lions. Every night (or when she hears a loud noise or looks into a dark place) she asks me "Lions stuck in a cage at the zoo?" I say "Yes the lions are stuck." to which she replies "They no get my Paisley?" and I say "No they can't get my Paisley!" It is a cute little conversation. Also, when she is playing with her dolls and bears I often hear her say "Quick - the lions are coming." Funny girl!

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busy bowman said...

So Adorable! I love when kids use there imagination! Toys come with to many things already built in! They look like they are having a blast!