Other Idaho Adventures...

Down on the farm! I love that my sister has a farm so that Paisley can see animals, get dirty, and have some good old fashion fun!

In the civilized parts of Idaho, we had fun celebrating Grandpa Anderson's birthday by the swimming pool, going to the zoo with Grandma Taylor, and going for walks to the park in the beautifully cool weather (Yeah, Paisley got to wear her cute hoodie - hopefully it still fits in three months when it finally cools down.)

It was a great trip - thank you to the family (Anderson and Taylor alike) for making more fun memories for Paisley and I! Thanks to Blake for letting us abandon him so he could pay for the trip!


Kim said...

It looks like you had so much fun! It looks like Paisley was healthy this time, nice for you! Good for you for doing the race, it looks like a fun family affair.

Hardy Party!~ said...

Cyndi, looks like you had a lot of fun with family! Paisley is so cute!! That is awesome that you did the race!!