Poctello Marathon!

So the main event of the Idaho trip was the Pocatello Marathon - so I decided I better do a whole separate post for it. It was such a fun event, especially with so many of my family members there.

This is my mom! This picture is hilarious because it shows how we started the day. Getting all 32 runners to their different events was a challenge only my mom could handle. She did great except for the small glitch of forgetting her own time chip (after reminding everyone else a bazillion times) - she had to go all the back to the motel to get it and this is her arriving just in time to board the bus for the 5K. This just shows the choas that was involved the morning of the race!

Paisley and I walked the 5K - Well, I walked and Paisley took a much needed nap. Paisley sleeps horrible when we are on the road so it was good for her to get some ZZZZZZZZZ's before the after-race party!

This is my gimpy-sister Kara. She broke her foot the week before and still wanted to run a half-marathon. Luckily, we talked her down to the 5K. I walked with her and it was fun getting lots of attention from the passing runners and to chat with my far-away sister.

They had a .2 mile run for the kiddos - it was so cute seeing Paisley in her first running shirt, number, and medal. She also picked this stick up the last 20 steps of her run and carried it like a baton. My sister has the video of it and I need to get it from her - it was so cute!

It was my dad's 60th birthday and he ran the marathon! We all had these signs on our backs so it was a fun way to celebrate him and once again get some more attention. My dad is amazing and outruns us all!

This is my sister-in-law Jess and brother David. Jess is my inspiration at the moment. This was her first marathon and I have never seen someone look so good even at mile 26! She is an ALL-STAR!!!

One of the best parts of the Pocatello Marathon is the free potatoes! They give you a 5 pound bag when you register and there are always tons of leftovers so you end up with as much as you can carry! They also have baked potatoes at the end of the race - it is such a fun Idaho treat.

Marathons are amazing! Even if you are not a runner - go watch the finish of a marathon... the people that run them are amazing! It always makes me feel inspired when I see them - it's like the Olympics for normal people.

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The Thompson Family said...

How fun! I am so glad you had a fun trip. Your Dad truly is amazing. I also loved the 10 things that you apologize to Blake. I do some or most of the same things. Love ya!